Capture your body in plaster


Immortalise your belly!

Capture your belly in plaster and make it a beautiful remembrance of you pregnancy.
If you want to make it really unique, let me decorate it with mosaic art.

Prices :
plaster from € 55,-

decorrated with ceramic/(mirror)glass from € 185,-

This is including a suspension system.

Pregnant belly

Your belly in plaster is possible from € 55,-

Extra's like shoulders or hands are possible against addional costs.


Pragnant belly - Mosaic

Here an example of a belly with mosaic art.
Ceramic is used but also glass is possible.

In the example a quiet motiv has been used.
Do you already have an idea for your belly?

The price for a plaster belly with mosaic starts at € 185,-
The price varies with the chosen design and size of the plaster.

Your wishes and an informal offer will be communicated with you upfront.


More options ...

Capture your back and/or bottoms or décolleté in plaster!
Nice as a special gift to your partner or as a birthday gift.

The same options as with the pregnant belly apply.
Every print is unique.

The price starts at €55,- and depends on the size and your special wishes
Ask for an informal offer.