Wall decorations


Artwork glass on painted background.
(90 x 50 cm)

Drawing has always been a hobby of mine and the way Linda Ravenscroft makes her drawings and aquarels appeals to me a lot. In a book about making aquarels of elfs I found her work on the Feniks. The colouring is awsome and inspired me to make my own version of the Feniks.
I used glass because it is more "alive" which helped to better express the feeling of flames in the Feniks. Something Linda Ravenscroft does so well with her painting.

I chose to paint the background with acrylic paint. For the ropes in the work I used actual rope. The combination of materials is something that appeals to me very much.



Glass mosaic on a round table.
(60 cm diameter)

This glass artwork I made after my own design and every piece is custum made.

The name it has gotten originates from the fact that several people spot various shapes in this work. One of them is a mermaid, which laid to "Lorelei" a famous singing (water)nymph.



Glass mosaic on MDF .
(50x40 cm)

Converting a drawing of a horse into a mosaic artwork was a new challenge. To put the lines such that the elegance of the horse is preserved and at the same time it is still possible to cut the shapes from the glass.
The background is after an idea of Judy Wood, whose work inspires me a lot.

This work is named after the mythological horse Arion. An immortal and very fast horse from the greek mythology.



Glass mosaic on MDF .
(40x25 cm. Sold)

Unlike for "Arion" I used an existing drawing for a leaded window to create this work.
The head of the horse appealed to me very much. I used spectrum glass and every piece is custom cut.
The revenues of this work are donated in full to the KWF, the Cancer fund in the netherlands.


-- sold --


Abstract 1   Abstract 2   Leo 
Ceramic on MDF (30x30 cm)  Ceramic on MDF (30x30)  Glass on MDF (30x30)  

Table top

Glass mosaic on MDF .
(56 cm diameter)

This mosaic can be used as a table or as a wall decoration.



Ceramic tiles on MDF .
(30x55 cm)

A portrait of an African lady with Gele ("Gae-Lae" : traditional African headwrap) made from hand cut ceramic tiles based on a digital painting by Maryam Elkayal.