3D objects


Table with ceramic mosaic.
(40 cm high, 40 x 40, not for sale)

This wooden table I made with mosaic of ceramic tiles. I used several techniques in this work. Some parts are custom cut and other parts are random filled. First I draw the design on paper, then I decided on the colour I wanted to start with. The rest of the colours were not determined yet but grew during the process.
After the use of all kind of colours and round shapes I wanted the legs to form a contrast, so they became black and white rectangles.



Decorative box.
(28 x 16 x 12 cm, not for sale)

You want a box like this one.
This is a nice topic to make yourself at our courses.
Different styles, sizes and materials are possible.

You can also order your own design here.



Decorative balls

Decorative balls
(several sizes from 10 - 40 cm diameter, several styles)

The balls below are made in commission. Both glass and ceramic tiles can be used with colours and motives to your preference.

The prices for a ball start at €18,50 an depend on the size and requested design.
When you are interested in such an unique decoration, fill in our contact form or contact us via facebook. We will send you an informal offer as soon as possible.


The picture next to the text and the ones at the bottom row are 10 cm in diameter and made of ceramic tiles.
The one in the middle of the top row is 30 cm in diameter and also made of ceramic tiles
The top left (40 cm) and top right (20 cm) balls are made from glass mosaic.

Venetian masks

Venetian masks adepted with glass mosaic.

These masks come straight from venice and are embellished by me into glass mosaic artworks. The examples below are still for sale.

Do you want a different design or colour? Specify your order here and we come back to you as soon as possible.



Decorative amphora (ceramics).
(50 cm high.)

This emphora made with ceramic tile is wether resistant. This makes it possible to use it as an outside decoration.



Blue elephant (glass).
(10 cm high. Sold)


Glass head

3D abstract head
(30 cm high)

The head of styrofoam, I decorated with spectrum glass, millefiori and tiles (gold and silver strips). All pieces are handmade with the exception of the millefiori.


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Bol 40 cm diameter